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Yvonne Hayes Wellbeing

Sector: Lifestyle Coach

I am a Lifestyle Coach I help you develop a healthier, happier lifestyle by focusing on: strengthening family relationships; goal-mapping & planning; spiritual wellbeing; and offering an additional income stream if needed. I help you reach out for what makes...

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The Chronic Edge

Sector: Coaching/Consultancy

The Chronic Edge has two parts  – The Individual & The Workplace. In the Individual, we work with people to improve their mindset/motivation to find their edge over their societal disadvantages such as disabilities or long-term health conditions to a...

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Feel Well Health & Wellness Coaching

Sector: Health Coaching

I am a Functional Medicine trained and trauma informed health coach with experience in the palliative care sector. i3 accreditation also allows me to offer insight around productive environment and personal awareness/traits. After spending twenty years in commercial management roles...

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Becky Hopwood Coaching

Sector: Executive/Life Coach

Hello I’m Becky. I’m an executive/life coach (happy with either term).  I work with professionals who are at a cross roads in their lives and feeling unsure what to do next. This can apply to people returning to work after maternity...

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Wylie's Fitness

Sector: Personal Training

Hi, I’m Scott and I’ve got 9 years experience in the fitness industry. My passion is to help people get life changing results by giving them simple, easy to follow plans both with workouts and nutrition. I’m a coach who...

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Sector: Sector


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Building Resilience

We believe in the need to embed resilience as a preventative aspect of positive personal and professional wellbeing.

Wellbeing Support

There are many benefits of taking action to support your wellbeing. We offer a range of support options.