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Welcome to Connected

Our mission is to redefine resilience as a proactive and preventative tool that everyone can develop in their lives.

Using the analogy of ‘grow your roots’ we believe that in order to be resilient we need to look after ourselves, to nourish our bodies and minds, and place ourselves in environments of growth. We also need to find our own grounding, presence, healing, and peace to ensure we are not devasted by every change and challenge. We specialise in working with frontline, care, emergency, and uniformed services but have packages for corporate and individual clients too.


Connected is run by author, speaker, coach, and researcher Gemma Margerison. Gemma’s diverse background of personal and professional experience combined with a unique combination of academic and private research, gives her a distinctive perspective on the topic of resilience, which is shown throughout her work. Gemma uses her own experiences to the benefit of others and hopes to complete her thesis around resilience as a recovery tool for trauma.

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