Book Coaching

Helping you leave your legacy

We love story here at Connected and we deeply and passionately believe that everyone has a story worth telling. This is why our book coaching specialises in memoir, biography/autobiography, and the passing on of knowledge through other non-fiction. We particularly love projects with a wellbeing or military focus but have a broad range of clients on our ‘books’.

Planning and structure

We have found that the most successful book projects start with a great plan. By having a detailed plan in place, we can help you develop content which aligns to vision of the project and build a solid and secure structure to hang it on. Therefore, regardless of where you are with your project, we would always recommend going through our three-session structure programme before you start the bulk of your writing. In these sessions Gemma will coach you through some of the underpinning questions to consider when writing a book, help you create a complete framework for your book, and provide you with hints and tips on how to structure your individual chapters. Once you have this understanding, you’re away and you can use it for any of your future projects.

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Do you have story you would like to tell? Do you know someone whose life experiences need sharing with the world? We would love to hear from you. Whether you want to produce a book to sell, to promote your business, or just to hand down through the family, we would love to help.

Accountability sessions and ghost writing

Once you have completed the planning and structure sessions, we offer two ways of working with us. The first is through our accountability route, this is where we support you to reach your writing goals through regular check-ins and feedback sessions. These are great for the individuals who enjoy writing and feel comfortable to do this themselves. Our other package is our ghost writing service, this is where we do the hard work for you. Through a series of recorded interviews, we will tell your story using your voice, following the structure that has been developed. This is a great option for individuals who don’t enjoy writing or who feel they do not have the time needed to put a book together. Whichever route you choose, you will receive the same care, attention, and support for your project as if it were our own.

Examples of projects we get involved in

Networking or special interest groups who want to share their knowledge.

Military veterans or serving personnel whose life changing experiences bring learning and inspiration to others.

Athletes and sports instructors who have added something new to their field and want to share it further.

Families who want to capture the lives of relatives in order to pass the stories down through the generations.

Researchers and academics looking for a creative and easy-to-read way of publishing their in-depth work.

Thought leaders, SMEs and organisations changing the way we think about topics and wanting to take people along the journey.