The Awesome Impacts of Boundaries

The Awesome Impacts of Boundaries

Boundaries are key when it comes to our self-care, resilience, and wellbeing.

They show people that we respect ourselves, that we have limits, and that there are certain behaviours, words, or actions that we will not tolerate.

Setting boundaries can feel scary, especially if we are used to pleasing people, trying to be perfect, or are in relationships where boundaries have not been recognised previously.

So before we even get into the ‘how’ of boundaries, let’s consider the ‘why’.

Here are four awesome outcomes of setting healthy boundaries:

1. Less stress and pressure to say yes.

No is a tiny little word with a big impact. When we’re able to use it (even if it feels uncomfortable at first) we start to relieve some of the pressure we put on ourselves. Less pressure means less stress, and I don’t know about you, but I show up a much nicer person when I’m not stressed.

2. Increased self-worth and value.

Boundaries help us to understand that we are valuable. Increased self-worth is not about saying we are more important than others but that we are just as important as others and equally deserve the care we need. This is a powerful tool in ensuring that we use our voice and it is heard.

3. Better relationships with those close to us.

Boundaries allow for clearer and more effective communication with others as we can show up as ourselves and not who we feel we need to be. This authenticity can lead to deeper and more genuine connection with both parties able to share and understand each other.

4. More time to do the things that are good.

When you’re not saying yes to everything, you get to choose where you spend that newly found time and energy. Whether you’ve been wanting to take up a hobby or just have some quiet time to yourself, boundaries can help you find guilt-free self-care time.


If you find yourself having no energy, running around like a headless chicken, or wishing there were more hours in the day, it might be worth having a conversation about boundaries. I’d love to hear from you.